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Welcome to the Andrology Institute of America, the world's leading fertility center for andrological procedures. We do everything under the sun to address our patients' needs and infertility issues.  We combine cutting edge technologies with decades of experience, our global experts at the Andrology Institute of America are dedicated to helping couples find a cure for the challenges of infertility. As a fertility clinic we look forward to helping you achieve your fertility goals.

All of the andrological techniques used by the Andrology Laboratories at A.I.A conform with the regulations and guidelines established by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and the World Health Organization (WHO). This includes certification of the laboratory facilities by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (C.L.I.A).

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Infertility clinic

Andrology is the medical specialty involving the study of male reproduction and infertility.

  The Andrology Institute of America is here to ensure that the male component of the reproduction journey is treated appropriately and effectively.

Male infertility

With a dedication to quality and patient service, AIA is the most trustworthy portal for all your fertility clinic service needs and products. These are available at the Andrology Institute of America  and at under the abilities of Professor Dr. Zavos.   

Reproduction, Infertility results

" I am happy to report a pregnancy as a result of using the BioTranz box and semen extender! We're due in June and couldn't have done it without the Biotranz, the TYB and UPS and your frequent availability by phone for consultation. Your simply the best. Many thanks." 

CLIA Certified Prof. Zavos
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