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Infertility affects as many as 2.4 million married couples in the United States. For any couple that is having problems in conceiving, it is important that both partners are to be tested. It has been estimated that 50% of this infertility is a result of problems related to the male. A routine semen analysis in most occasions can answer many questions and isolate problems early in the treatment and allow physicians to offer better treatment options to the couple.

We have been offering our andrological services to patients and clinicians for the last 40 years. One of our most popular service is to check the male for his ability to impregnate his wife or for a variety of other reasons. All one has to do is to call to make an appointment and visit our facilities to consult and produce a seminal specimen. We will evaluate it immediately upon receipt and give you our impressions about the quality of the specimen and the preliminary results. We will subsequently mail your doctor a detailed, comprehensive report on your semen quality and provide recommendations the next day of your visit. It's as easy as that! 
Let us the professionals do your testing and properly diagnose if you have any difficulties. Only if the problem is diagnosed properly, it can be solved properly.   

It is now possible to have your semen analyzed without having to leave the privacy of your home using the new, state-of-the-art, Home Semen Analysis Kit. All one has to do is collect a semen sample at the privacy of their home and possibly with the assistance of their partner and send it to us via our overnight carrier.

We will evaluate the sample immediately upon receipt and mail you or your doctor a detailed, comprehensive report on your semen quality and provide recommendations.

It's as easy as that! The service now is extended to the domestic U.S.A. Don't fall for the "at home do it yourself kits", they are inaccurate, waste of time and money.  Let the professionals do your testing!

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