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The future of the stem cells: What they are, what they do and what they could be doing?

The potential of stem cell research is almost biblical in its scale and is expanding its potential by limbs and bounds daily. The capacity for these cells to transform into whatever cells or tissues the body may need to regenerate itself could, in the lifetime of the next generation, make the blind see, the spinal cord injured walk, the diabetics healthy and the infertile able to procreate. It could cure cystic fibrosis and arrest muscular dystrophy. Yet it also raises one of the most difficult dilemmas in medical research:

ensuring that something which could offer huge rewards to the world's health is not overlooked because it does not offer huge rewards to the national economy and its political leadership. But in spite of those

shortcomings, the future lies ahead with those potent cells the body is fortunate to have access to.

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