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at the AIA are dedicated to helping couples find a cure for the challenges of infertility.

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Why Prof. Zavos?

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Professor, Dr. Panos Zavos has been diagnosing and treating male infertility for the last 45 years, paying great attention to patients suffering from infertility and offering them the great care necessary in treating such patients. He is a well established personality and recognized worldwide as a leading Reproductive Specialist, researcher, a public speaker, and pioneer in a number of areas of Reproductive Medicine. Among these many areas regarding fertility, he is a strong authority in male reproductive medicine, gamete physiology, male infertility, smoking effects on reproduction, Andrology and study of human reproduction along with other ART procedures. Those highly specialized areas include ICSI, PGD, SCNT, ROSI and so many other state-of-the-ART procedures, too numerous to mention. He pioneered the world's first 'IUI baby', Kentucky's first 'test-tube baby', the world's first 'human cloned embryos' and so many other accomplishments with global impact. He is a true leader in his field and a world-class scientist, humanist and pioneer. 1-859-278-6806

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