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Hello! from Prof. Dr. Zavos

Please contact us from anywhere in the world to get a second opinion on your medical care in the field of reproductive health.

Prof. Zavos will review your medical records, X-rays, laboratory tests and other information that you supply and inform you via various means about his opinion.

The Professor travels the globe and has colleagues internationally, he makes stops at locations like London, Athens, Cyprus, Dubai, New Delhi, Bangkok, Rio de Janeiro and others and we may schedule patients for him to consult with at  such locations.                        1-859-278-6806 EST.

Prof Zavos speaking


  Over the many years in the reproductive arena and other forms of assisted reproductive technologies we have become the leaders in the field because of our unwavering dedication to our Intended Parents. Also because of the incredible reputation of our reliability and affordability in an arena that could indeed be expensive and very tedious. We will continue to bring affordability, reliability, and transparency to all heterosexual, same sex couples and single IPs. With thousands of our clients becoming parents with the help of Prof. Zavos and his incredible team,our goal is to continue this tradition of fulfilling dreams of parenthood for all Intended Parents worldwide.

  Our team of experts has a great deal of scientific and organizational expertise in Reproductive Medicine and other forms of Assisted Reproductive Technologies for more than a quarter of a century. Global Surrogacy USA is one of North America’s leading surrogacy and egg donation agencies, with offices located oversees in Cyprus.  


International Gestational Surrogacy

If surrogacy sounds like the right choice for you on your path to parenthood but the process seems daunting,  With referrals to surrogacy programs at worldwide locations, we can make sure you find just the right fit for you and your growing family.

Semen Freezing

Before a semen sample can be sent to its final fertility destination it first needs to be frozen. This ensures that the quality and motility of the sperm sample is maintained for insemination. We apply the most up-to-date, state of the art technologies that can yield the best results for any ART effort.

Semen Shipping

Global Surrogacy USA utilizes  modern cryogenic semen shipping technologies to ship your semen sample wherever it needs to go, to be ready for insemination with your surrogate or your partner.

cryo semen freezing
Semen Freezing & Shipping
Stem Cell Therapy
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