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Gender Selection via Sperm Sorting

During the process of gender selection via sperm sorting we tend to increase the chances of having a female or male child, by separating sperm that bear the X chromosome (female) and those that bear the Y chromosome (male), and inseminating (via IUI) those sperm rich fractions for whichever sample is desired. Contact us at 1-859-278-6806 or to schedule a consultation. (The consultation fee will go towards the Gender Selection Sperm Sorting)

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Nov 30, 2022

Where can I see or visit with Dr. Zavos?

Feel free to contact us in Lexington, Kentucky, USA or from anywhere in the world to get a second opinion on your medical care in the field of your reproductive health. Prof. Zavos will review your medical records, X-rays, laboratory tests and other information that you supply and inform you via various means about his opinion. Please email your name, contact information and question to

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