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Dr Zavos

In general, Infertility is a disease and for one to understand all of its complexities involved it requires a great deal of analytical explanation. In most occasions it is the doctor’s job to understand and interpret the huge amount of information and science in medicine so that the patient can make important decisions regarding their health care and the direction of their treatment.

As with any art, the way that medical information, symptoms and health care is interpreted and delivered varies widely among doctors and this can affect patient decision-making and can complicate the overall treatment and the costs involved.

Why would someone seek a second opinion?

In most occasions, medical advice can get complex but when you get an opportunity to speak to a professional with great background and expertise it can put your worries to rest and make your treatment go smoother, better, less painful and stressful and get you positive results.


Why Prof. Zavos?

Dr. Zavos is an internationally recognized expert in the field of men’s reproductive health and he is recognized as the "Father of Andrology" throughout the World. With an impressive career as a reproductive specialist, Professor Zavos has devoted more than 40 years of his very lucrative career in academia, research and medical services. His ground breaking developments around new and innovative technologies in the field of human reproductive medicine have had worldwide implications. His qualities and abilities to review ones medical history concerning any reproductive procedure employed and detect, diagnose and make the appropriate prognosis for better treatment modalities, is one of a kind! He is definitely the man to visit with and get the best advise for better prospects towards a most successful  treatment for reproductive difficulties.

Cost of Getting a Second Opinion

Below is a collection of various second opinion options that are available to you. The payment for each Second Opinion is depicted for each on the description below and payment is required in advance of the review and the consultation.

Where can I see or visit with Dr. Zavos?

Feel free to contact us from anywhere in the world to get a second opinion on your medical care in the field of your reproductive health. Prof. Zavos will review your medical records, X-rays, laboratory tests and other information that you supply and inform you via various means about his opinion. Periodically, the Professor as he travels the globe, he makes stops at locations like London, Athens, Cyprus, Dubai, New Delhi, Bangkok, Rio de Janeiro and others and we may schedule patients for him to consult with at such locations, when feasible.  Incidentally, all of the consultations are performed either in person or via Skype (for our out of town patients) by Prof. Zavos himself.


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